I am trying to evaluate this conditional, which I know is True. I can even echo the expression and get True.

I've tried many many flavors of brackets, assigning the command to a variable and other things.

    if $(az group exists --name $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME)
        exit 1

        az group create --location $LOCATION --name $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME

even though this command is true on the command line, it fails the conditional in the script.

az group exists --name $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME

It always creates the group

  • Where do you run the script? – Charles Xu May 16 at 2:52

I've no idea what az does but I suspect you meant to write

if az group exists --name $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME

to test the exit status of az rather than

if $(az group exists --name $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME)

which tests the exit status of executing the text printed to stdout by az. Look:

$ if echo 1; then echo "success"; else echo "failure"; fi

$ if $(echo 1); then echo "success"; else echo "failure"; fi
-bash: 1: command not found

$ if echo date; then echo "success"; else echo "failure"; fi

$ if $(echo date); then echo "success"; else echo "failure"; fi
Wed, May 15, 2019 10:25:26 PM

Don't use all upper-case for non-exported variables btw and do always quote your variables unless you have a specific NEED not to.

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