I'm working with CNNs for the first time and am trying to figure out how to efficiently store channel's that have constant values. In the code below, for each gray scale image I have additional information about the image in terms of var1 and var2. For each image I want to add two additional channels where each channel is a grid of a single value. I want to know if there is a memory efficient way to represent this constant channel value in a keras CNN model.

Below is the code I currently have to add additional channels with constant values, but it seems wasteful.

x_train = np.array([np.array(Image.open(image_name)) for image_name in training_image_name])
x_train = x_train.reshape(-1, 260, 348, 1)

training_var1_channel = np.array([np.full((260, 348), var1) for var1 in training_var1_list]).reshape(-1,260,348,1)
training_var2_channel = np.array([np.full((260, 348), var2) for var2 in training_var2]).reshape(-1,260,348,1)

x_train_all_data = np.concatenate((x_train, training_var1_channel, training_var2_channel),axis=3).astype('float64')

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