I am using mocha, chai, sinon for unit test. I want to unit test the error handler function:

import { logger } from '../service/logger';
import { InternalServerError } from './InternalServerError';
    export function errorHandler(error: any, req: any, res: any, next: any) {
      return res.status(500).json(new InternalServerError(error.message));

here is testing function

import { expect, sinon } from '../../helpers/chai';
    import { InternalServerError } from '../../../errors/InternalServerError';
    import { errorHandler } from '../../../errors/ErrorHandler';
    import 'mocha';
    describe('ErrorHandler', () => {
      it('Handles Error', () => {
        const logger = {
          error: sinon.spy()
        const res = { status: sinon.stub(), json: sinon.spy() };
        const req = {};
        const error = new InternalServerError();
        const next = sinon.spy();
        errorHandler(error, req, res, next);
        return Promise.all([
                  message: 'Internal server error'

here is helper file

import * as sinon from 'sinon';
import { expect } from 'chai';
import * as chai from 'chai';
import * as sinonChai from 'sinon-chai';
import * as chaiAsPromised from 'chai-as-promised';


chai.config.includeStack = true;

export { expect, sinon };

and I got this result: 0 passing (35ms) 1 failing

1) ErrorHandler Handles Error: TypeError: [Function: errorHandler] is not a spy or a call to a spy!

how can I pass this unit test.

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