I am building a HoloLens Unity App using the following tools

  • Unity 2018.3.14f1
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft.MixedReality.Toolkit.Unity.Foundation-v2.0.0-RC1-Refresh.unitypackage (MRToolkit v2)

Unity Project/Scene Configuration

  • Target Platform: Universal Windows Platform
  • Target Device: HoloLens
  • Architecture: x86
  • Target SDK Version: Latest
  • Target Platform Version: 10.0.10240.0

Target Platform Settings

  • Supported Device Family: Holographic
  • XR Settings: VR Support (unchecked); WSA Holographic Remoting Support (uncheck)
  • Other Settings:

enter image description here

How I deployed:

  1. Added Open Scene
  2. Build
  3. Open *.sln file
  4. Set 'Universal Windows' project as default project.
  5. Updated [Machine Name/IP] for remote execution
  6. Run/Start the project using 'Remote Device' (HoloLens 1)
    • deployment package was successful
  7. BUT instead of having a CUBE floating in real world, hololens displayed the App as a Windows App.

enter image description here

Did I miss some incorrect configuration?

Under Target Platform maybe? MRToolkit settings? Platform Settings? UWP Settings?

And also i can't find any documentation on how to do a deployment using the latest MRToolkit v2 TO A HOLOLENS 1 DEVICE. If you can share some links it would be great as well

Thank you in advance.


You did miss some configuration! You forgot to enable the XR mode in the player settings. In Edit > Project Settings > Player The last option is the XR Settings there you need to set Virtual Reality Supported to true and check you have Windows Mixed Reality as the Virtual Reality SDKs

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