I have a simple bot hosted on Docker, it's a single file script that does not require any web service. I deployed it on Heroku but it keeps crashing and due to a missing port:

enter image description here

I have the following config vars:

enter image description here

I have tried exposing a port on Docker EXPOSE $PORT which has not worked. Is there a way I can have this script run on Heroku without regular crashes due to a missing port?


There are at least two issues here:

  1. When you set an environment variable, don't set process.env.FOO. Just set FOO. This creates (or updates) an environment variable. In JavaScript code you would access environment variables via process.env, but that isn't part of their name.

    You can do this in the web UI, as you show in your screenshot, or via the heroku config command, e.g.

    heroku config:set FOO=bar
  2. In this specific case, you're trying to use the PORT environment variable backwards. You don't get to pick your port on Heroku. Heroku picks a port and assigns it to you by setting PORT. Your code must respect whatever value that variable has.

    Assuming you're using Express (based on your use of process.env) you'll want something like this:

    const PORT = process.env.PORT || 5000;

    You have also tagged your question with . In that case you can do something like

    import os
    port = os.getenv('PORT', default='5000')

    and then use port with whatever web server you're using.


did you set the value $PORT in the dockerfile or passing it as env argument(-e) when running your container. I think its trying to bind $PORT and not the actual port.

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