I am trying to use DialogAPI for my react outlook add-in to get access token for graph API calls. I have done the code to open dialog API and get the code and then retrieve access token using that code. But when I am trying to close the dialog it throws an error saying "Office.context.ui.messageParent" undefined.

      { height: 30, width: 20 },
      function(asyncResult) {
        console.log("Dialog failed 1");
        dialog = asyncResult.value;
        dialog.addEventHandler(Office.EventType.DialogMessageReceived, function(
        ) {
          console.log("Dialog failed 2");
  • code inside the auth.html

      Office.initialize = function() {
      function showLogin() {
        var ClientId = "a53cbaa8-7d4a-4739-8b1c-1f05ee2c545e";
        var RedirectUrl =
        var url =
          "https://login.microsoftonline.com/common/oauth2/v2.0/authorize?" +
          "client_id=" +
          ClientId +
          "&" +
          "response_mode=query&" +
          "response_type=code&" +
          "scope=openid offline_access https://graph.microsoft.com/Mail.ReadWrite&" +
          "redirect_uri=" +
          RedirectUrl +
          "&" +
        console.log("Get login url");

  • I have used "Microsoft.Office.WebExtension.EventType.DialogMessageReceived" for previous add-ins implemented using javascript but react I unable to use that one. It says "Microsoft" cannot find. – Piyumi Nadeeshani May 16 at 6:15
  • The code can be find in github.com/piyumi25/DialogAPIAdd-in – Piyumi Nadeeshani 2 days ago
  • Which client are you using? Are you using the rich desktop Outlook client on Windows, or on a Mac, or the web client in a browser? – Outlook Add-ins Team - MSFT 2 days ago

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