In My serverless.yml file i have a StackTag variable defined as below

    Name: My Service
    Category: Environment:${opt:stage}+Role:Application

So when i run sls deploy --stage dev in get the below error and deployment fails

Invalid stage variable value: Category: Environment:${opt:stage}+Role:Application. Please use values with alphanumeric characters and the symbols ' ', -', '.', '_', ':', '/', '?', '&', '=', and ','.

So is this a limitation with Serverless Framework? Am able to use the same Tag via the AWS UI Console.

When i replace "+" with any other character like "." or ":" then the deploy works, it fails for "+" character

  • I'm confused. It said it won't accept the plus sign so why are you still using the +? – Noogen May 16 at 4:26
  • The reason why i want to use + is these Tags are used by other teams for their analysis. So i need to maintain the same tags. And i had been using it this way all the while, suddenly since a week or so am getting this error – Rolwin C May 16 at 4:36

It's not a great answer, but you've hit a known and reported bug:


API Gateway tags setting Stage Variables not Tags

Stage variables have different limitations to tags (and specifically for your case they do not support +).

Looking through the releases, reverting back to version 1.14.1 may be a workaround for this.

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