I have a simple Android application which just contains a WebView to load my Web_Based application and a VideoView to play movie and Live TV. Sometimes when I just turn my STB on, WebView loads the Web_Based application too slowly and sometimes fast.

My Web_Based application is in a local server (Ubuntu 12.04) and I can load this in my Computer Browser (Windows 10, Firefox and Chrome) fast Always. So I expect this happens in my Android Application fast Aslways.

I tried increasing the performance of WebView and also clearing Cache a lot. But it did not help at all.

// Here are some WebView settings

    // chromium, enable hardware acceleration
    mWebView.setLayerType(View.LAYER_TYPE_HARDWARE, null);
} else {
    // older android version, disable hardware acceleration
    mWebView.setLayerType(View.LAYER_TYPE_SOFTWARE, null);

  • When I install the APK (I mean just for the first time that the app is running), there is no any problem. But after that irregularly I see the problem. Maybe it is just because of Cache. – Farid May 18 '19 at 9:09

It seems that you have met all the requirements. So, in the next step, you must check the network connection with a tool such as PING.

If the connection between your android stb and host (web_based server) is not good and there are a lot of time outs, so the WebView can not respond well. So make sure about that.

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