I have initiated a ruby gem (ruby + cucumber) to test an application which relies on IBM Websphere MQ for messaging. I need a way to write a ruby api to read and write messages to IBM MQ and need capabilities like SSL MQ with certificates. Looks like ruby does not have any native gem that I can use for this. I am not sure the process to use JRuby api inside ruby-gem with Java capabilities for IBM-MQ. Can someone shed some light in this context.

I looked in to gem rubywmq but SSL-MQ capabilities are not clear and looks like the gem is no longer active.

ruby-gem should be able to read or write message to IBM MQ.

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    Heya! Your question is hard to answer, it is very broad at the moment. Could you make it more specific? And can you make it more clear what exactly you're looking for in an answer? – Josien May 16 at 8:38

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