I need load 2 forms in one page, and for mapping URL, I must add the path('',.........) for 2 forms. but how I can do that? if add path(''.....) for 2 forms, its add one of my forms not both on the same path. how I can do that?

I tried this :



because I need load this 2 forms in one page in another word in index path, but when I run​server I see one of these forms, not both.

  • there is nothing with the url, everything depends on your view. and how you are going to display both forms in template and get data in the view – Exprator May 16 at 7:22
  • how i can handel that ? – s. Soroush May 16 at 10:57

You need to write a view and include both forms in the context.

class TwoFormView(TemplateView):
    template_name = 'my_template.html'

    def get_context_data(self, *args, **kwargs):
        ctx = super().get_context_data(*args, **kwargs)
        ctx['form1'] = UserForm()
        ctx['form2'] = RegistrationForm()
        return ctx

you can call this with

path('two-form-view/', views.TowFormView.as_view(), name="two-form-view"),


in the post

if form1.is_valid() and form2.is_valid():
    # do something
    # add forms to context and render template again
  • in other word, I have a template that has 2 popup section, register, and log in. I need load register and login in that 2 popup menu . – s. Soroush May 16 at 7:31
  • Which is what this does for you – HenryM May 16 at 7:31
  • how I can access these form in the template ? {{ ctx[1] }} ? – s. Soroush May 16 at 7:41
  • {{ form1 }} and {{ form2 }} – HenryM May 16 at 7:45
  • wow, its work. thanks – s. Soroush May 16 at 7:48

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