All the various browsers restrict certain features to https only. This is great for privacy but it's not so great for client side development using those features.

During development I'd like to be able to just run a typical command line based http server and not have to deal with making, serving, and installing certs.

Is there some way to tell the browsers (chrome, firefox, safari) to lighten up. Maybe ideally just for certain ranges of ip addresses (10., 192., 172.*) or some other solutions that don't require generating, installing, serving, certs?

Short of that, what is the simplest way to solve this issue? I saw this solution but that says to put in for a cert which doesn't make sense to me, I'm serving to a phone. Do I need to setup a DNS server just so I can have a domain name my phone can see that points to my laptop who's IP address is changing every time I move to a new location throughout the day? Or do I need to generate a new cert everytime my IP address changes?

Some browsers allow access to those features via localhost but that doesn't seem like an option. The server is not localhost. The server is a PC/Mac laptop. The client is a mobile device (iPhone, Android, ...) so enabling insecure localhost support doesn't seem like a solution.

ngrok also doesn't seem like a solution. I'm often not on the internet (no wifi, traveling so no tethering). I also tried ngrok for those situations where I'm on the internet but my pages are multi-media and very heavy (3d models, textures, video). ngrok took forever to roundtrip the data or whatever it's doing. I also failed to even load all the files even though the pages work fine not through ngrok.

Getting a cert from letsencrypt doesn't seem like an option as again that cert would be for a specific domain and short of some how running a portable DNS server I don't know how I'd get my phones to see that domain name when I'm not on the internet.

Generating a cert for a specific IP address doesn't seem like an option as my IP address changes several times day.

Can/should I generate a root cert?

I'm kind of lost on how I'm supposed to do client side dev for mobile from a laptop given the https restrictions and no internet.

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