I have been using R# and when I typed import {} from "otherComp" and pressed Ctrl+Space I could select otherComponent and R# changed the code line to import {} from "../../../otherComponent"

Now I decided to stop using R# because it was too slow. Visual Studio has a lot of its features now and R# is no longer needed like before. But I can't get Visual Studio to help me with imports in typescript and this is a huge problem for me.

Visual Studio is aware of the typescript files. If I type import {} from "../../../" and press Ctrl+Space it lists all the files in the folder, including the otherComponent. I just want VS to search for it and propose ../../../ path automatically.

I believe it should be there somewhere, I am probably missing a configuration or an extension.

Please note that I'm using Visual Studio 2017, not Visual Studio Code. I have seen an extension for Visual Studio Code that provides this functionality

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