I would like to know the quickest or the shortest way to check if all the strings in a list occur in another specific string.

l = ['I','you']
s = ['I do like you']

in this case, I would like to see if both I and you appear in I do like you. Is there a one-liner? Instead of a for loop and checking one by by manually, in a traditional way?

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    all(w in s for w in l)? Assuming s is actually the string 'I do like you', and not a list with the string. If s is a list of strings and you want to check against all of them then all(w in t for w in l for t in s). – jdehesa May 16 at 9:49
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Use all() which returns a True if all elements of the iterable are truthy or else False:

all(x in s[0] for x in l)

In code:

l = ['I','you']
s = ['I do like you']

print(all(x in s[0] for x in l))
# True

You can use all() operator, which returns True if every element of an Iterator is True or if it is empty.

l = ['I', 'you']
s = 'I do like you'
print(all(x in s for x in l))

You might be intereseted by the any() operator, which returns True if at least one element is True.


I guess you want the words and not just strings. For this use:

all(_ in s[0].split() for _ in l)

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