I am trying out Keikai Spreadsheet. After importing an excel file, I wanted to copy a sheet using copyToEnd() but it deletes my original sheet. Am I doing it wrong?

Workbook srcBook = spreadsheet.imports("book1", new File(BOOK_FOLDER, "book1.xlsx"));

Currently,spreadsheet.import() will change active Workbook to the just imported book; i.e. in this case book1.xlsx. So the original sheet is not deleted but just not active ( invisible).

Therefore, the srcBook actually equals to spreadsheet.getWorkbook() after importing. When you copy the srcBook.getWorksheet() to spreadsheet.getWorkbook(), you copy a sheet in the same book. You will see 2 duplicate sheets in the active book.

The workaround is:

final Workbook book = spreadsheet.getWorkbook();
Workbook srcBook = spreadsheet.imports("book1.xlsx", new File(BOOK_FOLDER, "book1.xlsx"));
System.out.println("currentBook: spreadsheet.getWorkbook():" + spreadsheet.getWorkbook().getName());

In the future version, spreadsheet.imports() should not change active Workbook automatically unless it is the only workbook that bound to the application.

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