I tried to use View Location https://reactiveui.net/docs/handbook/view-location/ in my net core Avalonia (https://github.com/AvaloniaUI/Avalonia) project. I register View as IViewFor in the container. But view still doesn't resolve on my window. Also, I search in sources of ReactiveUI and looks like it functionality doesn't work for net core yet. Am I right?


The Avalonia.ReactiveUI package doesn't include a registered implementation for the ViewModelViewHost control at the moment of writing this post. Currently, the recommended approach of working with data templates and user controls with ReactiveUI and Avalonia is writing somewhat like this:

    <DataTemplate DataType="interfaces:IFileViewModel">
        <views:FileView DataContext="{Binding}" />

Where FileView is declared as a ReactiveUserControl<IFileViewModel>.

public sealed class FileView : ReactiveUserControl<IFileViewModel>
    public FileView()
        this.WhenActivated(disposables => { /* Handle activation here */ });

See related documentation. You can also create your own ViewModelViewHost implementation based on ViewModelViewHost for Windows Presentation Foundation, and register it using ReactiveUI service location, if the approach described above won't suite you. Avalonia.ReactiveUI package sources may help.

If you are using ReactiveUI routing, then the good news is that it fully supports Avalonia, see routing and activation with ReactiveUI and Avalonia documentation. RoutedViewHost is working properly and will resolve IRoutableViewModels and embed appropriate views for you.

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