I create a dataframe from 3 lists and I would like to print it (more like a table).

Hre my code:

for doc1 in source_doc:

source_vec = vectorize(doc1)
# print(source_vec) 
for doc in target_docs:
    target_vec = vectorize(doc)

    sim_score = np.dot(source_vec, target_vec) / (np.linalg.norm(source_vec) * np.linalg.norm(target_vec))
    # print("source:", doc1, "target", doc, sim_score)
    # if sim_score >= threshold:
    # if doc1 not in index:                        

data = pd.DataFrame(data={'x': index, 'y': colonnes, 'z': score}) print(data)

I don't know if there there is something missing in my code.



From this code you should get the output three columns (document1, document2, similarity_score), where each of document1, document2 is numpy array

The output for sample row may look like: [1, 2,...] ;; [1, 2,...] ;; 0.5 (;; is some spacing)

I would recommend to add column names to pd.DataFrame

data = pd.DataFrame(data={'x':index, 'y':colonnes, 'z':score}, index=['source_document', 'target_document', 'similarity_score'])

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