When sonar is run by the jenkins then there is one sonar link is available. I click on the link gets sonar Dashboard open at localhost:9000.However,this approach is not working when some one open this jenkins setup by browser like IP:9000 then it comes localhost:9000 which is not desired because setup is not on that machine which has accessed by browser.

How this can be fixed

How can I come from this problem

while I tried by doing some change in sonar-runner.properties sonar.host.url=http:IP which is not work. I changed in sonar.properties. sonar.web.host=IP

both the solution is not working.

Expected http://IP:9000 actual http://localhost:9000

Which is not working when accessed by some another machine.

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    Maybe some firewall is blocking the access to port 9000? – maio290 May 16 at 13:23
  • When I run manually by putting the IP:9000. it works. if firewall is blocking . it should not work even. – rakesh May 16 at 13:33

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