I am writing a new tty serial driver. I have a count in the driver which tells the number of bytes sent to the write function. The count will reduce after successful write. when the write_room is full, the application waits and when the write_room is available it tries to write the next set of data. At this time the tty driver tries to write the same previous data character by character. The tty_io.c tty_put_char function is called. Unable to resolve this issue, request inputs here.

  • tty is using circular buffer. You have to move its pointers whenever data comes from one or the other side. – 0andriy May 17 at 19:15
  • Thanks for the response! So you mean the tty core will have a circular buffer and that pointer must be modified by the tty driver ? FYI, i have not used any circular buffer in my driver. – user2504302 May 23 at 7:26

Ok so i tried the belwo implementation changes: 1. I disable echos in serial application. 2. In the tty driver, after i get response of successful write, i call tty_wakeup of the tty driver.

Doing the above partially resolved my issues. But this does not work consistantly. Request inputs here on my approach.

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