Is there a way to pass in or get access to the message key from the join section in a Kafka Stream DSL join?

I have something like this right now:

    KStream<String, GenericRecord> completedEventsStream = inputStartKStream.
            (leftValue, rightValue) -> customLambda((Record) leftValue, (Record) rightValue),
            Joined.with(stringSerde, genericAvroSerde, genericAvroSerde)

However, the leftValue and rightValue records passed in to customLambda don't have access to the kafka message key, because that's a separate string. The only content they have is the message itself, not the key.

Is there a way to get access to the key from inside the join lambda? One thing I could do is simply add the message key as part of the message itself, and access it as a regular field there, but I was wondering if the framework provides a way to access it directly?

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Most of the time the key is also available in the value of the record, is this not the case for your app?

It looks like the ValueJoiner interface has an improvement filed as part of KIP-149, but hasn't been completed like the other methods in that KIP: ValueTransformer and ValueMapper.

You could add a step before your join to extract the key and include it in the value of your message before doing the join using ValueMapperWithKey.

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    Thanks for the link to KIP-149
    – mjuarez
    May 17, 2019 at 16:21

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