Is there a way to decode email subjects that are encoded? I know the dirty way of doing it is to get the string character between =?utf-8?B? xxx ?= and decoding that. But I have a program where I can get encoded strings like

=?utf-8?Bxxxx?= =?UTF-8?B?xxxx?= ...

Right now I'm doing something like this

If codedString.ToUpper().StartsWith("=?UTF-8?B?") Then
    Dim temp As String = codedString.SubString(10)
    Dim data = Convert.FromBase64String(temp)
    Dim decodedString = ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetString(data)
    'do something with decodedString
End If

But this doesn't work when the same string has multiple =?utf-8?B? encode like above. Also I can get strings with =?utf-8?Q encoding and =?windows-1252. Is there a way to tackle all of these encoding? I'm using Visual Studios 2017

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