There are two domain names:

1.one long (example: MaryJaneFamily.com)

2.one short (MaryJane.com).

The 301 redirect works correctly from EXISTING links from various web sites (from when the site had no ssl).

The redirect domain name appears but gives a "insecure site" warning and it appears as https://MaryJane.com.

The primary domain name does not show up in google listings at all.

I have validated the full domain name with google and provided a new sitemap to google.

The sitemap submission is not showing any errors. DNS for primary domain name shows it is fully propagated.

The link that appears in google is not the primary domain but the forwarded domain name with an "s" added to the http - selecting that link brings to you a "insecure site" warning screen.

What am I doing wrong?


It appear that your SSL certificat is maybe not valid or generated and auto-signed by your server. You have to use a SSL certificate certified by high autority trusted domain. A lot of hosting services can sell you a validated and trusted SSL certificate, or some companies like CloudFlare can give you for free (with some other protections and services like CDN, DDoS protect, firewall...etc).

If you want to do it yourself, you can use Let's encrypt to make your own trusted certificate (remember that you will have to renew this all 3 months but you can easily automate it).

Well, you can read this guide to know more about SSL certificates and which you sould use.

I hope it will help.

  • The web site already has a valid quality SSL -- but somehow it appears that the 301 redirect is the issue since it appears as httpS://MaryJane.com (not MaryJane.com) - It is my understanding that domain names cannot have an SSL only the website can. I "think" the issue is related to the problem that redirect appears online as "httpS://MaryJane.com" instead of "MaryJane.com. But I don't know how to change that. I will read the guide you provided links for to see if that helps. Thank you. – Meliza May 16 at 20:46

Is there a "return 301" for forced SSL in your sites config? If you don't force SSL then you will receive both secure and insecure ports.

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