Im trying to write a MySQL query that will count the comments of every user in my Drupal 8 database. I need to do this in MySQL for a report.

I tried looking at the tables in mysql and I can't figure out how to link comments to users. I don't see a junction table and/or foreign keys that link the 2 tables. Users / Comment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


In Drupal 8 the table comment_field_data contains the cid (Comment Id) and the uid (Author's User Id).

SELECT count(cid), uid FROM comment_field_data GROUP BY uid;

Including nice column headers and adding the user's name:

SELECT COUNT(cid) AS 'Total # of Comments', comment_field_data.uid AS 'User Id', users_field_data.name as 'Username'
FROM comment_field_data
LEFT JOIN users_field_data ON comment_field_data.uid = users_field_data.uid
GROUP BY comment_field_data.uid;

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