We have one web application running with multiple domain names. However for one domain name the user session is retained after the application pool recycles. But for other domains the session is lost. The domains are as following:

Session retains for:

  • abc.xyz.com

Session is lost for:

  • abc.com
  • ghi.abc.com
  • www.abc.com
  • def.abc.com
  • www.def.abc.com

All the domains are accessed with https (IIS binding is ok).

I have checked the followings: - No Url restriction in the cookie/authentication functionality - Login works for all domains (but does not retain) - No special entry in the web.config file - The code base is ok as the same code has no issue in local test server

I am guessing it is something related to domain server configuration?

Please note that setting machine key is no an option. And the authentication is Asp.net form authentication with cookie.

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