I have a TableView that lists very simple CoreData objects (they contain a name String and a couple of other fields).

I am using a FetchedResultsController, so my TableView currently uses 'fetchedResultsController.object(at: indexPath)' to populate the cells.

In my code, I have a function that converts the CoreData object .name property into a different value (i.e. "dog" might become "cat").

I want to add a search to my TableView, but I want it so the user can also search for the changed values (i.e. they can search for "dog" or they can search for "cat").

Is there a fetchRequest property I can use to perform a FetchResults query/custom filter function simultaneously?

  • dog might become cat? What did you mean by saying this? Can you explain that? – Mannopson May 17 at 16:01
  • Basically I perform a function on the string kept in Core Data (i.e. 'dog') and alter it to something else (i.e. 'cat', but it could also be a number). I want to be able to query for the new value it gets altered to as part of an NSPredicate, if possible. I could just use an Array instead that contains the filtered/altered data after I've queried for it, but I was wondering if I could have more control/filtering over the data I query for as part of the FetchRequest, before my TableView gets updated with it. – Lena V May 17 at 16:31

There wasn't a solution to this using predicates (which can't use transient / computed values etc), so I ended up removing the FetchedResultsController, and doing my own filtering after my FetchRequests.

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