I'm currently stuck with an issue I'm getting with the coinbase-pro-node npm package (https://github.com/coinbase/coinbase-pro-node). I'm connecting to the matches channel and listening for messages there but the connection with the Websocket breaks after a few hours without telling me much. I can't trace back the problem and it doesn't happen on the same intervals. Sometimes it breaks just minutes after I run the script. Thanks for the help.

The code:

const CoinbasePro = require('coinbase-pro');
var coinbaseWs = '';

function connect() {
    coinbaseWs = new CoinbasePro.WebsocketClient(
            key: 'xxxx',
            secret: 'xxxx',
            passphrase: 'xxxx',
        { channels: ['matches'] }

    coinbaseWs.on('message', async data => { 

    coinbaseWs.on('error', err => {
      console.error("Connection with Coinbase websocket failed with error: " + err);
      console.log("Error stack trace: " + err.stack);

    coinbaseWs.on('close', () => {
      console.error("Connection with Coinbase websocket closed!");


Error stack:

Error: read ECONNRESET
File "internal/stream_base_commons.js", line 167, in TLSWrap.onStreamRead

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