I have a component that has an input and a button. When a user types a hobby in the input, it is suppose to send that string to be updated to an api. I have set up my test and I am testing whether or not the component exists and I am getting the error TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined, when I console.log(component). It says that the component is undefined.

When I comment out the {this.state.hobbies.map()} section (including the second render and everything inside of that), the component is able to render.

    import React, { Component } from 'react';
    import { MdDelete } from 'react-icons/md';
    import { updateHobbies } from '../../services/updateHobbies';
    import './edit_profile.scss';
    import PropTypes from 'prop-types';

    class EditProfile extends Component {
      state = {
        hobbies: this.props.employeeHobbies,
        userInput: ''

      handleChange = e => {
        this.setState({ userInput: e.target.value });

      handleButtonClick = () => {
        const hobby = this.state.hobbies.concat(this.state.userInput);
        this.setState({ hobbies: hobby, userInput: '' }, () => 

      handleDelete = e => {
        const array = [...this.state.hobbies];
        const index = array.indexOf(e);
        if (index !== -1) {
          array.splice(index, 1);
          this.setState({ hobbies: array }, () => 

      render() {
        return (
            <label className='employee-label'>HOBBIES: </label>
              <input type='text' value={this.state.userInput} onChange= 
           {this.handleChange} />
              <button className='update-details-button' onClick= 

              {this.state.hobbies.map(hobbies => {
                return (
                  <li className='employee-tag-list' key={hobbies}>
                    <span className='delete-icons' onClick={() => 
                      <MdDelete />
   EditProfile.propTypes = {
  employeeHobbies: PropTypes.array

export default EditProfile;


let component;
  const chance = new Chance();
  let mockHandleChange = jest.fn();
  let mockHandleButtonClick = jest.fn();
  let mockHandleDelete = jest.fn();
  let mockUpdateHobbies;
  let mockHobbies = [chance.string(), chance.string(), chance.string()];

  function requiredProps(overrides = {}) {
    return {
      handleChange: mockHandleChange,
      handleButtonClick: mockHandleButtonClick,
      handleDelete: mockHandleDelete,

  function renderComponent(props = requiredProps()) {
    return shallow(<Hobbies {...props} />);

  beforeEach(() => {
    component = renderComponent();

  it('should exist', () => {

I expected the test to pass but I am getting the error, TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined

  • Please add the rest of EditProfile.js. I suspect it is because you aren't initializing your state properties correctly (in this case, state.hobbies is not being set to an empty array). – GregL May 17 at 19:05
  • I just updated the code – Pooja Arshanapally May 17 at 19:26
  • 1
    Set a default empty array to the emloyeeHobbies. EditProfile.defaultProps = { employeeHobbies: [] }; – Hoyen May 17 at 20:11
  • state = { hobbies: this.props.employeeHobbies, userInput: '', employeeHobbies: [] }; Is this what you want me to do? – Pooja Arshanapally May 17 at 20:36

There are a few things that you can do, that all aim to solve the core problem: you are not supplying a value for the employeeHobbies prop in your test.

Pick one of the following:

  1. As @Hoyen suggested, add default props to specify an empty array for employeeHobbies if it isn't supplied. EditProfile.defaultProps = { employeeHobbies: [] };.
  2. In your requiredProps() function in your test file, specify a value for employeeHobbies of an empty array along with your other properties like handleChange, handleButtonClick, etc.
  3. When initializing state.employeeHobbies, set it to this.props.employeeHobbies || [], so it has a fallback value if passed null or nothing (undefined).

I also recommend you specify the proptype for employeeHobbies as PropTypes.array.isRequired to get a helpful warning when the array isn't supplied. That will guard against misuse of the component, and violating the contract it needs to work.

  • I chose the second option and it worked! Thank you for all your help! I want to know why do I need to set an empty array to employeeHobbies? (So I don't make the same mistake.) – Pooja Arshanapally May 20 at 12:56
  • @PoojaArshanapally I'm glad it worked. Don't forget to accept and upvote this answer if it solved your issue. You needed to supply a valid value (in this case, an empty array) for employeeHobbies because otherwise in the render function, you would be calling .map() on undefined, which is the error you saw. Don't forget to also add .isRequired on your proptypes to guard against future errors. – GregL May 20 at 19:52
  • To expand on my previous comment, in case it was unclear, because you initialize this.state.employeeHobbies based on props.employeeHobbies, if you don't supply a value for the employeeHobbies prop, it will be set to undefined, as that is what props.employeeHobbies will be. That's why in your tests, because you never defined any value for props.employeeHobbies, you got the "Cannot read property 'map' of undefined" error. Make sense? – GregL May 20 at 19:55

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