I have two custom Hooks for taking in an integer and either adding 1 or subtracting 1 to the value before returning it. The value has to be shared between the two Hooks so that one can remember what the other has either added or subtracted.

function usePrevPage(page) {
    const [lastPage, setLastPage] = useState(page);
    const handleLastPage = () => {
        setLastPage(page => page - 1);
    useEffect(() => {
    return [lastPage, handleLastPage];

function useNextPage(page) {
    const [nextPage, setNextPage] = useState(page);
    const handleNextPage = () => {
        setNextPage(page => page + 1);
    useEffect(() => {
    return [nextPage, handleNextPage];

Currently, having the same variable conflicts with each other. For example,

const [page, handleLastPage] = usePrevPage(2)
const [page, handleNextPage] = useNextPage(2)

is not allowed since page has already been declared on the first one. How do I set up so that there is a common state between the two?

  • I'm a bit confused by your code, as it stands this doesn't look like something that should be done with state (or effects) at all. It looks like you should just have a single state for page, and do const nextPage = page + 1, const prevPage = page - 1. – Retsam May 17 at 19:38

Use only one hook?

function usePage(initial) {
    const [page, setPage] = useState(initial);
    return [page, () => setPage(page - 1), () => setPage(page + 1)];

const [page, prev, next] = usePage(1);

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