A CI/CD pipeline:

1.) Iinstantiates two AWS VPCs and an AWS VPC Peering Connection using three Terraform modules.
2.) Then, the CI/CD pipeline must add an arbitrary number of aws_route objects to the aws_route_table objects in each of the VPCs that were just instantiated from the modules in an earlier step in the pipeline.

What is a clean, elegant, way to add the arbitrary number of new aws_route objects to a route table in a VPC that was instantiated from a Terraform Module? The module needs to be able to also be instantiated elsewhere without these aws_route instances.

I would like to avoid having the automation script simply paste aws_route blocks into the code that defines each module and re-applying, because it seems like the modules should be consumed by automation instead of being re-written by automation.

I have thought of creating a new module for aws_route, but there is no count property in the Terraform aws_route object definition, so the script would also have to create a mess while trying to manipulate an arbitrary number of instantiations of an aws_route module.

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