I need to extract date of Sunday from it's ISO Week number: i.e. 201905 It needs to be in #standardSQL as it's going to be scheduled with scripts that don't support legacy.

I tried adjust working formula from Google Sheets but can't figure it out. The original formula from Google Sheets:

- (WEEKDAY(DATE(LEFT(Week_ISO,4),1,1))-2)
+ (RIGHT(Week_ISO,2)-1)*7) 
  • Can you provide sample input and expected output? – Elliott Brossard May 18 '19 at 10:52

From my reading of the documentation, this should work:

PARSE_DATE('%G%V', isoyyyymm)

But it doesn't.

So, here is an alternative:

SELECT DATE_ADD(DATE_TRUNC(PARSE_DATE('%Y%m%d', CONCAT(substr(isoyyyyww, 1, 4), '0601')),
                INTERVAL CAST(substr(isoyyyyww, -2) as int64) WEEK
FROM (SELECT '200506' as isoyyyyww);

The idea here is the following:

  • Convert your yyyyww format into a date in the middle of the year.
  • Truncate the date to the beginning of the ISO year.
  • Add back the appropriate number of weeks.

You can adapt this if your value is a number rather than a string.

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It seems your proposition is not totally right. For instance, it's not working for the week 200101. With your formula, the answer is 2001-01-08.

Here is my suggestion :

SELECT  DATE_ADD(DATE_TRUNC(PARSE_DATE('%Y%m%d', CONCAT(substr(isoyyyyww, 1, 4), '0104')),isoyear), INTERVAL CAST(substr(isoyyyyww, -2) as int64)-1 WEEK)
FROM (SELECT '200506' as isoyyyyww);
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