I want to get this type of button in a container,

How can I get this

instead of these icon buttons

Instead of this in flutter


Use BottomAppBar with a FloatingActionButton

Sample here: https://medium.com/coding-with-flutter/flutter-bottomappbar-navigation-with-fab-8b962bb55013


Take a look at FloatingActionButton (FAB). For example:

  onPressed: () {
  child: SomeIcon(),
  backgroundColor: Colors.red,

Alternatively, you can do something like:

  child: Container(
    child: DecoratedBox(
      decoration: BoxDecoration(
        shape: BoxShape.circle,
        color: Colors.red,
      child: SomeIcon(),
  onTap: () => handleTap(),

Although in your case I suppose FAB would make more sense, as it seems from the screenshot that it's on top of BottomAppBar.

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