I have created custom log file ilunder config folder in crxde , but I couldn't view that under Log support in Felix console. Below is the link that I have referred, any help is appreciated.

I can't create a new file under log support in Felix console, as I don't have permissions in my prod server.


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I have just created a simple Sling OSGi config for LogManager API in CRX/DE and it is working for me. Make sure you do not have any typo in any of the properties or node names. Below is what I have created -

enter image description here

And in the ./system/console/slinglog (Log Support) console, I have automatically created on refreshing the page is below -

enter image description here

The only reason I can think that you are not able to create the config in Felix Console is some sort of typo error while defining property names/values or node names.

Remember that since Log Manager is a factory config, you need to give some custom suffix at the end of the name. For e.g., in org.apache.sling.commons.log.LogManager.factory.config-logsample-model - the custom suffix is - logsample-model

I hope this helps.


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