I need to write some call diagnostic code. I'm trying to initiate a call to a peer (SIP.UA.invite) and want to play an audio file on loop until finally hanging up.

I'm reading the docs and it seems that the under the hood, when I call UA.invite, the library will call navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia to source the outbound stream. I don't want that, but wish rather to add my own audio stream from a wav file.

In sipjs version .6 this would have been trivial as among configuration options that the invite method would accept was a media.stream option.

But as of version .8, this option was removed.

In terms of version .6 this is what I'm looking to do:

 new SIP.UA().invite('recipient@example.onsip.com', {media: {stream: mycustomstream}}).on('accepted', function() { ..start streaming })

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