i tried to add a social media icon and the link in prestashop from modules and to be more specific, i followed the path: modules -> modules and services -> installed modules -> social media follow links, inserted an instagram url, in instagram field, but nothing happened. My question is, if anyone knows how can i add a social media icon, so when a customer click on it, it will connect him with instagram profile of E-shop.

The prestashop version is 1.7.5.

Thank you in advance.


It should appear in the footer near email subscription form if you use the default theme. If you use a custom theme check if the module is added to any of the hooks(by default it is hooked to displayFooter) you can do this by a path Design->Positions and try to find the module there. Also, do not forget to clean a cache if you did any change. Go to Advanced Parameters->Performance and click the button Clear cache in the right top corner. I hope it helps.

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  • Thank you for your answer but i solved with another way. I followed the path: Layout Builder->Footer Builder->Edit Widget in Social Media Links and pasted instagram url! – opnash May 23 '19 at 8:30

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