With some sites headless Chromium is failing when it is running inside Docker container:

[0520/093103.024239:ERROR:platform_shared_memory_region_posix.cc(268)] Failed to reserve 16728064 bytes for shared memory.: No space left on device (28)
[0520/093103.024591:ERROR:validation_errors.cc(76)] Invalid message: VALIDATION_ERROR_UNEXPECTED_NULL_POINTER (null field 1)
[0520/093103.024946:FATAL:memory.cc(22)] Out of memory. size=16723968

How should I tune Docker to fix this?

  • add information about Docker version, info and image your are trying to pull and steps to run. Just to replicate if the issue. Update this information in question not in comments. Before that please try docker system prune this command will clear cache,junk images and containers are in exist state. Sometimes while playing with docker will create too much of junks and ended up this kind of error May 20 '19 at 10:12

You're running out of shared memory as is described in line 1.

[0520/093103.024239:ERROR:platform_shared_memory_region_posix.cc(268)] Failed to reserve 16728064 bytes for shared memory.: No space left on device (28)

This is handled by /dev/shm which is set to a default of 64mb in Docker, which isn't that much for modern web applications.

For context on /dev/shm see here https://superuser.com/questions/45342/when-should-i-use-dev-shm-and-when-should-i-use-tmp

Option 1:

Run chrome with --disable-dev-shm-usage

Option 2:

Set /dev/shm size to a reasonable amount docker run -it --shm-size=1g replacing 1g with whatever amount you want.

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    Thanks! For other people, the solution above helped me as well, I was getting "Aw, Snap" pages, after enabling logging in chrome (--enable-logging --v=1), I found this error message in the logs: FATAL:memory.cc(22)] Out of memory. size=262144.
    – DimanNe
    Nov 23 '19 at 19:45
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    Thank you, received this error then was trying to save to PDF huge page using chrome headless. Disabling usage fo shared memory solved the problem. Feb 24 '20 at 15:02
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    I ran into this problem running a Gitpod online dev environment with Electron. Since Gitpod is based on Docker, I ran into the same problem, when I started Electron. Disabling shared memory solved this for me. community.gitpod.io/t/… Nov 6 '20 at 15:25
  • using this solved the of error insufficient resources while running chrome headless in docker container.
    – yolob 21
    Jul 14 at 19:07

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