I am attempting to instantiate two objects of the class ESN in the notebook as under:

esn_1 = ESN(ESN_arch, activation, leak_rate, weights_variance, sparsity, sparseness) esn_2 = ESN(ESN_arch, activation, leak_rate, weights_variance, sparsity, sparseness)

When I run the session, the following error pops up at the line sess.run(tf.global_variables_initializer()):

FailedPreconditionError: Attempting to use uninitialized value initializers/ReservoirWeights
     [[node initializers/ReservoirWeights/read (defined at /home/tah/Documents/Computation_EOC/esn-neuroevolution/ESN_Cell.py:38) ]]

I believe the error is essentially due to my use of variable scope inside the class. But I can't seem to figure out what exactly it is. I have checked for this here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/36016117.

Also, I am afraid that removing the variable_scope would lead to an older problem :- the initial reason for my use of variable_scope with tf.AUTO_RESUSE (which was successful) was to have the all the weight matrices of all the instantiations of the object ESN to have the same values. Notice my use of tf.set_random_seed(1234) just before I open variable_scope.


class ESN(rnn_cell_impl.RNNCell):

     def __init__(...):
            self.in_units = ESN_arch[0]
            self.res_units = ESN_arch[1]
            self.activation = activation
            self.alpha = tf.cast(leak_rate, dtype=tf.float64)
            self.weights_std = tf.cast(weights_std, dtype=tf.float64)
            self.sparsity = tf.cast(sparsity, dtype=tf.float64)
            self.sparseness = sparseness


            with tf.variable_scope('initializers', reuse=tf.AUTO_REUSE):

                  self.weights_in = tf.get_variable("InputWeights", \
                                      trainable=False, dtype=tf.float64)
                  # 'weights_in' is: [in_units x res_units]

                  self.weights_res = self.normalize_weights_res(tf.get_variable("ReservoirWeights", \
                                       trainable=False, dtype=tf.float64))
                  # 'weights_res' is: [res_units x res_units]

                  self.bias = tf.get_variable("Bias", \
                                    trainable=False, dtype=tf.float64)
                  # 'bias' is: [1, res_units]

                  self.spectral_radius = tf.get_variable("SpectralRadius",\
                                               trainable=False, dtype=tf.float64)

                 if self.sparseness:
                        self.sparse_mask = tf.get_variable("SparseMatrix",\
                                               initializer=self.init_sparse_matrix(self.weights_res), \
                                               trainable=False, dtype=tf.float64)
                        self.weights_res = tf.multiply(self.weights_res, self.sparse_mask)

My session looks like:

with tf.Session() as sess:

# res_units is an int with value 100.
for p_neuron in range(res_units):


    init_esn_state = np.zeros([1, res_units], dtype="float64")


    dist, initial, init_esn_2 = sess.run([dist_esn_1_2, initial, init_esn_2], \
                                          feed_dict={leak_rate: alpha,\

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