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I'm trying to find the word: <*hasburnt*> in the string below using the this regex: <\*.*(bur).*\*>

But it gives me both <*hasburnt*> <*electrical*>. How do I just get <*hasburnt*> ?

bench testedstarter, starter just makes noise, and <*hasburnt*> <*electrical*> smell.

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Try this: /<.*?(bur).*?>/

Regex101 demo

The reason for ? here is because .* tries to match as much characters as possible, so it also matches <electrical. .*? makes it lazy - trying to match as little as possible, and as such ending the match at <hasburnt>.

EDIT: using ? for the first .* would make <hasburnt> independent of positions of similar strings.

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    maybe even <.*?(bur).*?>, in case of <electrical> <hasburnt> – Nicolas Budig May 20 at 18:26
  • @NicolasBudig You're right, thanks. Edited. – Oleksii Filonenko May 20 at 18:28
  • The original string has * after the <. – rsajdak May 20 at 18:29

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