Right now, I'm trying to access the underlying kafka streams handle by following - https://cloud.spring.io/spring-cloud-static/Finchley.SR2/multi/multi__apache_kafka_streams_binder.html#_accessing_the_underlying_kafkastreams_object Was wondering if there is a more idiomatic way to do this. Especially when there are mutliple bindings.


You can call context.getBeansOfType(StreamsBuilderFactoryBean.class, false, false) to get a map of beanName:factoryBean.

However, you should be careful not to do this too early in the context lifecycle because you may cause premature bean instantiation.

Probably best to do it in a SmartInitializingSingleton.

  • Thanks for responding, this did work! There still seems to be a potential race condition, because KafkaStreams only allows exception handlers to be set when its in CREATED state. – Vikas Tikoo May 22 at 1:42

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