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In a collection Feed, I need to filter documents that have Ex:

{"type": "news"},
{"type": "media"},
{"type": "profile"},
{"category": "shoes"},
{"category": "dress"},
{"lang": "eng"}. 

this Find must have documents that the {"type": "media"} and {"type": "profile"}, but not in the same document.

I've tried this

findOptions = {
            "type": "news",
            "type": "media", 
            "type": "profile", 
            "category": "shoes", 
            "category": "dress", 
            "lang": "eng"

find = db.col.find(findOptions).limit(20)

But this finds only last type and last category

I tried to use $or and $and.

The logical $and search for documents that have both types, but there are no documents with two or more types, I just want to search both one and the other.

The $or is good! If I put only the three types it searches for what I want, but if I also put the category, it does not find anything!

How do I search for documents that have {"type": "news"} and also find documents that have {"type": "profile"}?

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You can use $in:

findOptions = {
            "type": {
                "$in": ["news", "media", "profile"]
            "category": {
                "$in": ["shoes", "dress"]
            "lang": "eng"

find = db.col.find(findOptions).limit(20)

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