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How to tell if primary key of one table is not in the current table

item                        (current table) category_item                                            
-------|--- ----           ----------------|------------|----------
item_id          item          category_item_id| category_id|  item_id 
2119                          1                   16           2090
        ^primary key                                     ^foreign key

I need a query that tells me that there is no record in the "category_item" table , that has the foreign key of any record table "item" category_item.item_id

In laymans terms I want to find out all record in "item" that do not have a "category" assigned to it.

This is true, where we cannot find any record in "category_item" that has the primary key of any of the records in table "ITEM" in the


The SELECT would item.item_id where get for e.g.


each of which has no categories assigned yet.

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  • Thanks @Shadow from pointing to the duplicates. WHERE [column] NOT IN. ... is the key ``` SELECT item_id. FROM item. WHERE media_type LIKE '%audio%'. AND item_id BETWEEN 4999 and 9000. AND item_id NOT IN ( SELECT item_id. FROM category_item. ). ORDER BY. item.item_id; ``` – Nathsevak May 21 at 2:01

Do you just want not exists?

select i.item_d
from items i
where not exists (select 1 from category_item ci where ci.item_id = i.item_id);

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