At first I thought it was a database problem related, but after some debug I found out that, for example, when updating a product if I output the $_POST results BEFORE saving in the database, this is what I get:

    [product_description] => Array
            [2] => Array
                    [name] => Ergonómica
                    [description] => 
                    [meta_title] => Ergonómica
                    [meta_description] => 
                    [meta_keyword] => 
                    [tag] => 


So, whats being saved is Ergonómica and should be Ergonómica. Doing phpinfo() returns:


This is definitely a server/hosting problem as the same project in another server works without any encoding issue, however I have not yet figure it out what seems to be the cause of the bad encoding.

Anyone has any guess? The project was just duplicated from one server to another.

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Solved but I don't think this makes much sense..

I grabbed both phpinfo() from the server working without any problem and the server with encoding problem and the only thing different are the mbstring values:

OLD Server (no-utf encoding problems) enter image description here

New Server (utf encoding problems) enter image description here

As you can see some values are different and because I have no clue which one is giving me problems, by disabling the extension mbstring in cPanel, everything works now.

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