I am using r to graph a scatterplot based on the Cars93 dataset.

I am asked to:

Define a ggplot object using the Cars93 data set that you can use to view Price on the y-axis, MPG.highway on the x-axis, and set the size mapping to be based on Horsepower.

Use geom_point() to create a scatterplot from your ggplot object.

I do not understand what it means to set the size mapping to based on Horsepower? Size is not a variable of Cars93.

ggplot(Cars93, mapping=aes(MPG.highway, Price)) + geom_point()


I think it means to plot size based on Horsepower values


ggplot(Cars93, aes(MPG.highway, Price, size = Horsepower)) + geom_point()

enter image description here

  • Oh wow. Thank you. That makes lots of sense! – Ngan Pham May 21 at 4:19

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