We have an eCommerce Prestashop (ver 1.7.2) shop. Our initial testing is okay and our shop is ready for deployment. We need to remove the order records to have a clean version of the shop. What table records do we need to remove?


Search in your Modules Catalog for cleaner, the full name is PrestaShop Cleaner. Install it and give it a go. Official statement:

PrestaShop Cleaner can only be managed from the back office. It allows you to roughly clean your store by deleting your whole catalog, orders, and customers.

For example, this module allows you to suppress all demo data in one go. But this module must be used carefully: once you delete it all, there is no possible rollback. Everything is removed for good.

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  • Thanks, but I couldn't get Prestashop Cleaner to install. Is there any cache to delete, etc? – Jaime Dolor jr. May 23 '19 at 3:58
  • Why you couldn't install it? Is there an error message? Enable the Debug from Advanced Preferences -> Performance and see if you get any error message. – Robertino Vasilescu May 23 '19 at 8:19

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