I am trying to incorporate a simple LSTM autoencoder mentioned in the keras.io website with a sequence input. It is throwing an error at the LSTM layer input.

from keras.layers import Input, LSTM, RepeatVector
from keras.models import Model
import numpy as np

def autoencoder(timesteps,input_dim):
    inputs = Input(shape=(timesteps, input_dim))
    encoded = LSTM(300)(inputs)

    decoded = RepeatVector(timesteps)(encoded)
    decoded = LSTM(input_dim, return_sequences=True)(decoded)

    encoder = Model(inputs, encoded)
    return encoder

sequence = np.array([522,76,2,35,387,13,121,144,98,33,400]).reshape((1,11,1))
model = autoencoder(11,1)

The error:

ValueError: Error when checking target: expected lstm_29 to have 2 dimensions, but got array with shape (1, 11, 1)

  • The shape of the model output is encoded.shape=(None, 300). But the shape of target is sequence=(1,11,1). Maybe you want to use encoder = Model(inputs, decoded)? May 21 '19 at 13:10
  • @giser_yugang Thanks, it worked !! Can you please suggest how I can get more accurate results ? The numbers I'm getting at the output are totally different from original. Even adding more LSTM layers at the encoder side and increasing the number of neurons didn't help. May 21 '19 at 14:18
  • Improving accuracy is too broad because it relies on specific scenarios and training data. Maybe you should standardize your input data first. May 22 '19 at 9:30

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