I'm trying to develop a new extension for vscode based on Webview but I am running into problems with posting messages from client to extension. As a starter, I used this repo and I am following these steps from Microsoft.

As you can see in the example we have:

(function() {
            const vscode = acquireVsCodeApi();

My problem is that in my react app the acquireVsCodeApi is like it doesn't exist. I tried multiple ways eg. in componentDidMount lifecycle but no luck.

This user seems to be able to run it but parts of his app are missing so is not clear to me.

Does anyone have an idea of how to use acquireVsCodeApi() with React or a code snippet that can help?



Ok, so first you need to assign it into a variable in webview content in a script eg: https://github.com/shinhwagk/vscode-note/blob/be2aabf2812a9b6200be971425535024440dbd88/src/panel/notesPanelView.ts#L32

and then in typescript, it has to be an interface

interface vscode {
    postMessage(message: any): void;

declare const vscode: vscode;

const addCategory = () => () => vscode.postMessage({ command: 'add-category' });

Solution came from here: https://github.com/shinhwagk/vscode-note/blob/be2aabf2812a9b6200be971425535024440dbd88/src/webview/index.tsx#L10

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    Why do you need the JS vscode API in your TS code? You have direct access to the entire vscode API. The aquisition via that function is only made for JS script code you load into a webview. – Mike Lischke May 22 '19 at 6:50

Similar to @Unseen's answer, what i did is create a global.d.ts file, and declare vscode type there.

type VSCode = {
  postMessage(message: any): void;
  getState(): any;
  setState(state: any): void;

declare const vscode: VSCode;

In this case you can access vscode in any file. Example: https://github.com/hacker0limbo/vscode-webview-react-boilerplate/blob/master/app/global.d.ts

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