I want to catch the error message text from within a <span> tag, or if it does not exist, from its parent, a div tag. For this I need a valid xpath expression that can handle both cases as one if possible.

Here is the html code. It's either version 1:

<div class='error-message'>
  some error message

or version 2:

<div class='error-message'>
    some other error message

So the xpaths would be:

v1: //div[@class='error-message']

v2: //div[@class='error-message']/span

Now I need to combine (with some 'or' expression maybe?) v1 and v2 somehow.

If have tried:

  • //div[@class='error-message']/descendant-or-self::* but it finds both elements when the span exists (would prefer the span!)
  • //div[@class='error-message']/descendant-or-self::span but finds nothing when the span does not exist

I also tried, what was given in this answer: XPath select child if child exists, else select parent but using the code .../(span, .[not(span)]) seems to be invalid, at least in Ranorex.


You could try following approach:


Note: there is a limitation that if the text content is empty, it will not work :(


Since, you do not know if the error message is going to be present in the div tag or span tag, you can try the below approach

.//unknown[@innertext~'error message']

Additionally, it will work if the object has been identified correctly up untill the div tag in the original post.

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