"I have Sitemap.xml and Robot.txt files generated from free online sources, and I want to integrate those with my Spring Boot Application" and want to access that as http://localhost:8080/Sitemap.xml.

Previously I work with Struts 2.x. where I usually drop those files in JSPs folder and I able to access that as http://localhost:8080/Sitemap.xml.

But here in Spring Boot Application, I am totally confused in adding them to Application. (My Doubts are listed Below).

  1. In which folder I need to add these files?

2.Does it need any controller to access Sitemap.xml as http://localhost:8080/Sitemap.xml.

Help me in Sorting out this.

Thanks in Advance.

Added Sitemap.xml and Robot.txt under static folder, but no use of that.


you can add these files under public folder in src/main/resources. For more info refer this.

Also, if you have security configuration then you need to modify as below:

    public void configure(WebSecurity web) throws Exception {
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