I'm working to expand a working program that in python is downloading 5 years of daily stock data to train the next Open day price prediction using the past 60 opening days prices.

The original program was like this version that use fixed not downloadable files https://stackabuse.com/time-series-analysis-with-lstm-using-pythons-keras-library/

The downloaded data has many columns like the Opening price series, but has also the Volume column series.

Now If I use only the past 60 days of Opening price column to predict the 60°day of Opening price the LSTM Keras based neural network it's working.

The problem is that I'm trying to concatenate to this 61° opening day prediction also the past Volume data series(the volume is the volume of how many exchanges of this stock has been done during daily session and give idea of how robust is a price movement). To do this I've tried to duplicate the network and to concatenate only the result.

My questions

1 Can you suggest what second data based on the volume second network model2 I could give in input in the concatenate keras method? SyntaxError: invalid syntax

2 Or there is a better way to add the Volume column past data to the original prediction that till now is working only with the past Open column >data?

3 How to use in general more than one column of past datas to train a sequential network to predict the future data of a single column ?

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