I'm pretty new to AngularJS, so looking for some guidance for a problem that I'm having; I have a JSON file store which I'm successfully reading data from, which is in the form:

"sites": [
        "name": "S001",
        "description": "Joes's 1"
        "name": "S002",
        "description": "Fred"
        "name": "S003",
        "description": "John"
... etc ...
        "name": "S020",
        "description": "Mary"


I'm trying to use the md-tabs directive to loop through this, displaying 10 items at a time within a single tab; I've got it working for each item using the code below (sorry for the messy workings):

    <md-tabs md-selected="selectedIndex"  style="border: 1px solid red; background-color: white; color: black;">
      <md-tab ng-repeat="site in sites.sites" md-on-select="onTabSelected(tab)">
          Tab {{ site.name }}
          {{ site.description }}
          <p>Length of Array: {{sites.sites.length}}</p>
          <p>Pages: {{ sites.sites.length / pageSize }} - ({{ currentPage }} of {{((4.9 + sites.sites.length) / pageSize | number:0)*1 }})</p>

But I'm struggling to find how to make the tabs read "Tab1", "Tab2" and display only 10 pieces of information per page - is this possible using tabs, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

With thanks.


General rule is making your model in such way, co view is as simple as possible. So you want some tabs with sites, ok: tabs: [{sites: [...]}, {sites: [...]}]

fill it in controller:

vm.tabs = [];
let currentTab = null;
sites.forEach(site => {
  if (!currentTab || currentTab.sites.length > 9) {
    currentTab = {sites: []};

And now your html:

<md-tabs md-selected="selectedIndex">
   <md-tab ng-repeat="tab in tabs" md-on-select="onTabSelected(tab)">
          <div ng-repeat="site in tab.sites">{{ site.description }}</div>
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Ok, I went down a different route in the end; using the JSON list, I've calculated the highest page by using the length + 4.9 (too take it to the next integer) and going through the number filter to produce a range of 1 to n:

    <span style="width:120px; display: inline-block;">
        <md-select ng-model="pageStart">
          <md-option ng-repeat="n in range(1,((4.9 + sites.sites.length) / pageSize | number:0)*1)" ng-value="{{( n * pageSize ) - pageSize }}">Page {{n}}</md-option>

The ng-value then binds the page number to the selected drop down option, which is later used in an ng-repeat as the starting point for the main loop:

    <div class="table" ng-repeat="site in sites.sites | limitTo: pageSize : pageStart">

This then displays the correct number of items per page.

Hope that helps someone in the future needing to do a similar thing.

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