I created a simple animation that changes the sprite's position x.

It works well, but when I reposition the sprite or resize the sprite using the editor, I see that the animation's position values were not changed, leading to the sprite to jump over to the previous position.

Here's a snapshot of the animation's keyframes, showing that the starting position is 0.

enter image description here

After I move the sprite around the scence, these value remain 0, and when the animation starts, the sprite moves back to position 0,0,0.

Is there any way to set the animation's position values relative? or make it change automatically when I change the sprite's position?


Values assigned in the Animator always override values assigned in the Editor or in the Update or FixedUpdate methods.

The easiest way to solve your problem is probably by making the GameObject a child-object of another new Gameobject. That way the positions are changed relative to that parent-object and you can just change the position of the parent.

  • Thanks for your answer. The animations are for several sprites under an empty gameobject. But when I move them, I need to move them seperatly, because I can't move the whole gameobject. What am I missing here? Is there a way to strict them under the gameobject so I can move them all at once?
    – Koby Douek
    May 22 '19 at 8:12
  • Hmm maybe try putting the empty gameobject under another empty gameobject and move that one. It should move them all at once
    – Ali Baba
    May 22 '19 at 8:21
  • Already tried that and still the same. From the heirarchy menu I chose Create > Create Empty, then drag the sprites under it.
    – Koby Douek
    May 22 '19 at 8:23
  • Never mind it was changing the parnt's coordinates in a script. It works now. Thanks !
    – Koby Douek
    May 22 '19 at 8:31

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