My Android Studio shows 'Allow USB debugging from your device', but my device does not show that dialog:


I have tried the following, but nothing worked:

  1. Adb kill-server
  2. Adb start-server
  3. Kill adb process from Task Manager
  4. Restarted both the computer and the device
  5. Selected both MTP and PTP connections in my device's USB debugging settings.
  • Which device do you use? May 22, 2019 at 7:56
  • samsung j5 i used but it happens in any device May 22, 2019 at 7:57

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A different, hardware-oriented approach:

Are you sure the cable you're using does allow for data transfer?
Some cheaper cables - usually sold with chargers - don't allow for anything else than charging.
Try another cable, and see if that works.

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    Solved it for me!
    – denniswave
    Feb 25 at 20:44

Can you Please Following Below step:

1) Go to Phone Setting > Developer options > Revoke USB debugging.

2) Turn off USB debugging and Restart Again.

It will work definitely, in my case it worked.

  • I am using android latest Version. I don't face this type of Problem May 22, 2019 at 8:03
  • I use ThinkPad -> KUbuntu -> Android SDK, and my new devices, of whatever breed, never display their "Allow USB Debugging" prompt. Yes I unplug and replug the wire, revoke authorizations, bounce the adb daemon, etc. Then, when a tablet is finally authorized, the stupid "Allow USB Debugging" popup comes up too much. I really wish an Android manager could see what I go thru just to develop, but those guys hate my guts
    – Phlip
    Jul 25 at 14:12
  • 1
    deleting ~/.android/adbkey worked, but my screed stays up
    – Phlip
    Jul 25 at 14:22

Try this step:

  1. Tools > Connection Assistant (it will appear in the right side of the android studio once you click it)
  2. Click the Rescan USB devices
  3. Click the next buttons
  4. It should appear the device connected to your computer or try to restart ADB Server if device does not appears in the panel.

sample screenshot below

enter image description here

Hope it helps to fix your problem


This is what solved my problem, appears that the public key might have been missing from my computer, causing the issue. Removing the private key solved the issue.

  • browse to the C:/Users//.android directory and delete adbkey and adbkey.pub
  • do adb kill-server
  • do adb devices
  • watch for an "Allow USB debugging" prompt in the headset


  • use this one, and working two times with different devices. thanks
    – garudamon
    Jun 6, 2021 at 1:09

In my case I have to set the "Select USB Configuration" which is under "Networking" in the "Developer Options" from Charging to MTP(Media Transfer Protocol) for the dialog to show


For anyone who is interested, here is how I authorized my PC without the Dialog showing for unkown reseaons (requires device to be rooted):

  1. Go to C:\Users<profile_name>.android\adbkey.pub
  2. Copy the file to any location in your phone using USB cable.
  3. Using Root Explorer, move the adbkey.pub onto this location: /data/misc/adb/
  4. rename it from adbkey.pub to adb_keys and allow read and write permissions
  5. Reboot the device.

Now, your devices will be authorized as if you clicked the Authorize button on the Dialog.


You have to update the driver on your system with respect to attached device

In window system

  • Go to manage by right click on My computer
  • System tool then Device manager
  • Check your device here
  • Right click on device and Update Driver software

for me it was vice versa. "from Charging to MTP(Media Transfer Protocol) for the dialog to show" but from MTP to charging (i prefer charging in general)


I ran into this issue with my phone Android 11 after I rooted it. I resolved the issue by disabling and then re-enabling Developer options

Disable Developer options in the Developer options menu.

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